Business leaders live in a world where being busy is a status symbol. Connected 24-7 to work via Zoom and smartphones, carried along on a tide of technology, we move faster and faster through life, never really being able to switch off. 
Until one day we realise that it isn’t possible to keep going on such a high-pressure treadmill forever. We are human beings, not human doings. This fast-paced existence is not how we were meant to live our lives, certainly not all the time. 
The benefits of stopping 
Exmoor Mindfulness is a place where people with a great deal of responsibility can literally retreat from the world - pull back, regroup, and either work out their next steps or simply rest so that, when they reenter the fray, they will have the strength to keep performing at their best. 
Taking this kind of time out is essential for busy leaders if they are to continue to function at a high level. True rest is an investment that pays genuine dividends for the individual and the organisation they lead. 
Your rest, Your way 
At Exmoor Mindfulness, our goal is to provide you with the space you need to do whatever it is that you most need to do.  
If you want nothing more than to cosy up with a new book, glancing up occasionally to take in your surroundings or fix yourself something comforting to eat, there is space for you to do just that. Likewise, if you want to be stimulated and inspired, to explore nature or your innermost thoughts, to submerge yourself in a favourite activity or discover something entirely new, we are here to create an experience that you will carry with you forever. 

The Exmoor Mindfulness Barn 

Our newly converted two storey barn offers both traditional rural charm and every modern convenience, wrapping you in luxury for the whole of your stay. Surrounded by rugged countryside and just 20 minutes from the sea, it’s an ideal base from which to explore this spectacular part of the world. 
Upstairs the open living space features exposed wooden beams, a wood-burning fire and a fully equipped country kitchen done out in restful soft greys. Downstairs the two double bedrooms are designed to cocoon you from the world and give you the best night’s rest you’ve ever had. 
Welcome to Exmoor Mindfulness - we hope you will feel right at home here. 
Discover the inherent potential of stopping and being present with yourself in the most glorious natural surroundings of rural Exmoor. 
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